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What does it do:

This module implements rotate left, rotate right, shift left and shift right operations with carry flag for all C integer types.

The results depend on the number of bits that the integer types unsigned char, unsigned short, unsigned int and unsigned long have on your machine.

The module automatically determines the number of bits of each integer type and adjusts its internal constants accordingly.

It also provides subroutines to determine the number of bits of these types in your Perl programs.

For shift registers of arbitrary size, you can either chain several bytes together using the functions of this module, or use the module "Bit::Vector".

This latter module / distribution is actually the new version of the "Set::IntegerFast" package (now defunct), which has been split into a base class, "Bit::Vector", and application classes, like "Set::IntegerFast" (now defunct), "Set::IntRange" and "Math::MatrixBool".

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